Monday, December 28, 2009

The horror story of hardware support for a Sony PSP - a client's tale

We purchased a Sony PSP for my son today. To be completely honest, my 9 year old son purchased himself a PSP with the money he has been saving for the last 18 months and his latest cash Christmas presents. He picked a combo that comes with a game and a memory card.

At first glance I am impressed with the device, we can watch movies and he even manages to install Skype on it. As I am the father tat goes on business trips, I can only be nappy about the fact that my son now has a device that he can use to call me.

For the first 3 weeks this device is great, nothing bad to say about it.

Little did I know how quickly the pendulum would swing the other way or how far it would go.

After three weeks, the unit starts to experience issues with powering up. My boy swears that the device wasn't mishandled or damaged in any way. Sometimes, when he powers it up, the screen remains completely blank.

We experiment with shut off, power on, charge the battery and use a new battery. No change. But it becomes clear that the device malfunctions more and more. It is time to call tech support.


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