Saturday, January 30, 2010

The horror story of hardware support for a Sony PSP - a client's tale

The exact time and date of my first call to Sony's tech support service escapes me. I have to admit that I may have some mental issues since it actually took me 25 minutes to Google and find their phone support number.

I will say this, all tech support folks are very polite. I am informed that I am within the 1 year warranty service time and therefore any device malfunction, unless it was misused, mishandled or modded, is covered.

I am informed that the RMA process is very simple and Sony will be sending a box to me and all I have to do is send the device in the box for servicing. Everything is covered.

I give my address, in Canada (I am talking to someone in California) and my email. I am told that within one hour I should be getting an email confirmation and within a week or so I should be getting the shipping box. Of course I am in Canada so it could also take longer. But the technician assures me that it is going to be quite simple.

I hang up confident that everything will be fine.

It does seem odd that the email never comes, perhaps the fat that I used phonetic military alphabet to spell out my gmail address was not clear enough (it is clear enough when you call bombing coordinates as a ground soldier under enemy fire however to some in a jet cockpit) but I decide that I will give 2 or 3 weeks for the box to come in. With a postal code and a street number, you really can't go wrong.


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