Saturday, March 6, 2010

The horror story of hardware support for a Sony PSP - a client's tale

It is unclear to me when exactly I placed this call but I am quite certain that it was around end of February or beginning or March 2010. 3 months after the purchase, 75% into the warranty period.

The box never came!

I call back Sony support only to be told that they don't ship that box to Canada! I have to now take care of shipping the unit myself to a Canadian facility.

The technician on the phone, always very polite, tells me that I have to get my own box and packing, and send it over at my own expense (and insurance) for repairs. Sony, ever so organized, does handle the fees of repair and return of the device however.

I give my phone number to find my record and they find not only me but also the typo in my email address. I am told that the shipping address and process instructions will be sent to me by email.

Ok, fine, I am the told that I should get the email within the hour.

Would you believe me if I told you that the email never came again?


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