Saturday, June 5, 2010

The horror story of hardware support for a Sony PSP - a client's tale

I am yet again, unsure when this exactly happened but it was either late late May or early June.

Guess who I called yet again today? I gave the very polite tech support person some very polite hell. I gave them the full history of the case and I am sure to this day that if she could have given me her firstborn as an apology she probably would have.

I actually had her read the email twice to me, guess what, there was yet another typo! After reading it twice back to me without any error I got actually confident that this highly elusive email would actually find it's way to me.

I should take about an hour for the email to make it over.

Only problem, my other son has a church event today and I'm also flying to Italy. I better have that email in my inbox to take care of shipping that unit upon my return.

Guess what, I am actually on my mobile several hours later checking my email... No email... Surprised? No... At this point I am starting to wonder if Sony can actually send emails to Canada. Well, they could not send me a cardboard box - maybe they also can't send emails...

I will have to call them, again...


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