Saturday, July 17, 2010

iPad in school

I've been using an iPad for the better part of about a month now and I have very few negative things to report. Don't worry dear reader, this won't be yet another iPad review.

I have three kids in school, and every new school year is greeted with yet another list of books and supplies to purchase for their ongoing education.

This little meeting of topics then collided in my head. During the history of education Apple has always been very present in schools and education. This is not a question of who can be the company that produces better computers but rather who can be more strategic. When you learn on a Mac, you tend to stick to a Mac.

How about learning on an iPad? Why not start saving a few trees and deliver some school eBooks? Why not give more trees a break and use less pencils? Why not give the planet a rest and use less gas by not having all this paper and these books shipped around all the time?

Can you imagine a 600$ investment as a parent and then all you have to worry about is perhaps just purchasing the next educational eBook pack from iTunes this year? Does this not play perfectly with the whole iTunes U concept?

Why just colleges and universities? Why not high schools as well? Why stop there? Why not all students? I've heard this argument from teachers: kids won't know how to write!

Are you kidding me? Get with the program! Do you think kids KNOW how to write today? If you were that concerned with calligraphy there would be a class for that. But guess what, we did away with parchments a long time ago, and also got rid of quills as well. Maybe getting rid of the good old pencil and pen are the next step of evolution. The power that wish they could be have chanted the pros of the paperless office for the last 20 years. How can you teach a society to move on and kiss goodbye to paper when it is so present in the educational system? We are raising kids with paper and how to waste paper everyday.

Ecologists, pro environment groups, Greenpeace... They all use paper - why? Shouldn't they eat their own dog food? Do people realize how much gas is burned every year just to move this paper around? Hell if we stop using paper, forests would stop shrinking at the rate they are today.

I personally love my iPad, it bridges the gap between the need to naturally hold something in your hand and the desire to actually save paper.

Let's do two things to try and reduce paper use:
1. Educate our kids to do without it - technology exists so that we can stop using it
2. Let's get all these ad agencies to stop dropping all this crap in our mailboxes.

Personally, about number 2, I pay taxes to have my garbage taken away. Maybe the ad agencies could give forests and landfills both a break and find another way to send us their lies? How about spam? ISPs love spam because it keeps them charging for their bandwidth, well, now they could enjoy more traffic on their networks with more crap sent by email. With the exception of having to take the bag to the curb, I takes me about as much time for me to toss flyers as it takes me to nuke its electronic counterpart.

Please, someone wake up out there. We now have these great devices that can now love up to the promises that technology have been making for years, how about we accept evolution and move on?

Go tech, and god bless Apple for showing the power of tablets and how to really make them. And especially for doing so with the use of a damn stylus.

Go iPad

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