Friday, July 16, 2010

Too many graphics in a web application

This is such a frequent mistake, you will see folks gather around the designer as they all propose graphic after graphic filling up the screen and then the actual purpose of the application is wedged on the sides losing focus. The graphics are pretty but serve no purpose once the wow effect passes. The heavy graphics will then begin to work against you as they are loaded over and over again especially in an https/ssl setting where caching will NOT be performed. Encrypted sites, and their content, are not cached for security reasons. A basic well designed site should be under 50kb per page. Add 5 graphics at 20kb each and you are up to 150kb per click. Want to know how efficient and network friendly your application will be? How many times do you click in a web application in a day? How many users does it have? Simple math will give you the most scary answer that you would only see in a nightmare. Now multiply this by the actual cost of moving data back and forth.

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